With an average of 47 road fatalities per day, South Africa is one of the world’s most dangerous countries in which to drive. Time is the driving factor in case of emergencies and delays in receiving appropriate medical attention often turns out to be fatal. CrashDetech is a smartphone application that runs silently in the background of your phone. It automatically detects serious vehicle crashes and reduces emergency response times by pinpointing the crash location. It also ensures appropriate medical attention by providing vital patient information. We'll know when you need us.

Leadership team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jaco Gerrits

Jaco is an award winning entrepreneur, innovator and speaker. He's the founder and CEO of Dynamus Technologies, a company that has developed and successfully taken numerous technology solutions to market. He's a previous winner of the Top Information & Communication Technology Entrepreneur in Africa Award and chairman of Thembela, an initiative which aims to address many of the socio- & local economic challenges we face via the implementation of innovative technology.